The topics of demography, youth unemployment, migration and social economy were discussed on the official meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Ivaylo Kalfin and the President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Georges Dassis, who was on a two-day visit in Sofia. The meeting was attended by Prof. Lalko Dulevski, President of the Economic and Social Council (ESC) of Bulgaria, whose invitation was made to Mr. Dassis to visit our country.

On the meeting was discussed the idea Sofia to host an international meeting of the civil parliaments and general government of the countries from Southern Europe such as Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, where the migration of young people harms the economies and depopulates entire regions. According to Minister Kalfin of essential importance for Bulgaria is to preserve the young people and to contribute to their future realization on the labour market at their home country. In his opinion, it is necessary a solution on European level to be sought - not only at national level, as well as to be found new mechanisms to encourage young people in addition to the current programmes. Mr. Dassis expressed his willingness to convince the EESC to support such an initiative and added that the range of countries to participate in such an initiative could be extended to other countries from the EU periphery - for instance the Baltic countries, which also suffer from migration of young educated people.

The idea of Sofia hosting a meeting on the problems of youth migration and demography was discussed and supported previously by the President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva during her meeting with Mr. Dassis.

Minister Kalfin expressed his satisfaction with the active participation of the ESC on the topics of demography, youth realization and social economy. He stressed that the Economic and Social Council is a good platform for reaching agreement between the organised civil society structures on important and complicated issues and defined the interaction between the ESC and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy as very useful.

Prof. Dulevski determined the visit of the EESC President not only as beneficial, but also as a clear sign to Bulgaria that our country can deliver useful European initiatives and positive messages.

ESC Press Office

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