A discussion on the social economy and social entrepreneurship, on the role of local authority for their development was organised by the Economic and Social Council (ESC) and Lovech Municipality. The topic on “The role of local authority in the development of social economy and social entrepreneurship - experience and challenges” was discussed by the Mayor of Lovech Korneliya Marinova, the Governor Irina Miteva, Social Policy Advisor to the Prime-Minister - Totyu Mladenov, ESC President Prof. Lalko Dulevski, mayors from the district, experts and representatives of local institutions and NGOs. The debate on the sustainability of social enterprises, new employment opportunities for young people and innovative forms of entrepreneurship drew the Lovech public attention.
The discussion on social entrepreneurship and social economy is timely and relevant, said in her presentation the Mayor of Lovech Korneliya Marinova. In her opinion, in times of profound changes the new challenges should be foreseen. If until now the state allocated financial resources for creating sustainable development of social enterprises, we need to achieve sustainability in the changing conditions, said the Mayor of Lovech Korneliya Marinova. She pointed out that according to the national database of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy as from 2013 the Lovech Municipality has 11 non-profit enterprises which identify themselves as social – there are 8 in Lukovit, 4 in Troyan, 3 in Teteven, 2 in Ugarchin, 1 in Apriltsi, 1 in Letnitsa and 1 in Yablanitsa. Also there are nonfinancial enterprises who identify themselves as social – 20 in Troyan, 8 in Lovech, 6 in Lukovit, 4 in Teteven, 2 in Apriltsi and Letnitsa.
The ESC President Prof. Lalko Dulevski stressed that the ESC choice to organise a discussion about the social economy in Lovech is not on a random principle and that very experience of the Lovech Municipality will be useful to the other municipalities and to the future ESC work when elaborating positions and exchanging best practices. Prof. Dulevski introduced to the participants in the discussion some of the main ESC acts on social economy and gave focus to the new employment opportunities which the social economy and social entrepreneurship offer to the young people.
Maya Vasileva, Head of Department to the Lovech Municipality presented the municipal projects under the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”. The assessment of Maya Vasileva is that the role of municipalities in the development of social entrepreneurship is very limited due to the restrictive legislative framework at the present moment. She also reminded that there is a serious debate about the draft law on social entrepreneurship.
Many NGOs, which have been working on social enterprises projects, shared their experience and raised a number of questions about the sustainability of such successful projects.
The discussion ended with the general consent of all participants to work together to create and disseminate innovative forms of social economy and social entrepreneurship.
The ESC organised two meetings in the region - in Letnitsa on the role of the small municipality in solving migration issues and in Teteven on social activities in mountainous and hilly areas.



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