По предложение на Министерството на финансите Икономическият и социален съвет (ИСС) проведе консултация по проекта на Анализ на социално икономическото развитие на страната след присъединяването й към ЕС. Този проблемно ориентиран анализ трябва да послужи за определяне на пропуските в политиките за развитие на България досега, както и да се намерят съответни решения в бъдещия национален стратегически документ Национална програма за развитие „България 2030“, пише в специалното писмо на МФ до ИСС. Националната програма за развитие „България 2030“ ще определи пътя на страната ни в следващия 10 годишен програмен период със съответните приоритети, цели и политики.

A pan-European programme should be devised to achieve the global sustainable development goals for 2020-2030 set by the UN. While each country, after taking into account its specificities, should adopt a national programme. This was suggested by the President of the Bulgarian Economic and Social Council - Prof. Dulevski - at the Annual meeting of the Presidents and Secretaries-General of the economic councils in the EU.

ESC adopted an opinion on "Problems in the application of the system of summarised calculation of working hours". After a long discussion, employers' and trade union representatives at the ESC approached their positions and reached consensus in defining most of the problems in applying the system of summarised calculation of working hours.

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is the “bridge” between citizens and the national government. Its mission is to support such “bridging” so as to facilitate the communication between the society and the national government. It is the new and modern institution of the civil dialogue.

The ESC's mission is to promote civil society organisations access to and involvement in the process of decision-making on strategic economic and social issues.

The main goal of ESC's operation is to enable different representatives of organised civil society to feel free to state their views whereas unanimity on matters of common interest is encouraged. The Council expresses and protects civil society interests by communicating agreed statements and proposals submitted by its members to the executive and legislative authorities.

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