Arno Metzler, Chairman of the EESC Group III, is a guest of the Bulgarian Economic and Social Council. Mr Metzler is visiting Sofia for a conference organised by the EESC at the Western Balkans National Assembly: A clear roadmap for progress.

The Chairman of the EESC Group III met with ESC members and praised the work of the Bulgarian institution for organised civil dialogue. The reputation of the Bulgarian ESC is very good because you are among the most developed, active and successful in the EU, he said. Noting the theme of the Western Balkans Arno Metzler stressed that civil society in the Western Balkans must actively co-operate and support Northern Macedonia and Albania for their accession to the EU. We need to campaign together in support of them, because the EU needs a new and bigger family, Arno Metzler stressed. The Chair of the Group III in the EESC noted the active role of Bulgarian members in the EESC.

Arno Metzler expressed his full support for ESC activities and wished all related institutions in the Western Balkans to be the best advocates for speeding up the accession process of Northern Macedonia and Albania to the EU.

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