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On October 30th, the Plenary Session of the Economic and Social Council (ESC) adopted an opinion on the “Opportunities for regional development by using the “Community-led local development instrument”.

This opinion is a continuation of the ESC work on the topic of effective appropriation of the EU funds in Bulgaria and aims at informing the society about the opportunities offered by the “Community-led local development” (CLLD) instrument. In a number of acts the ESC supports the thesis that for the successful implementation of national strategies and policies it is necessary to be given more importance to the regional and local government as well as to the cooperation at local level with social partners and civil society.

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On 17 October 2014 the Economic and Social Council of Bulgaria (ESC) held a meeting on which a draft opinion of the ESC on “The approach of Community-led Local Development as an instrument of Cohesion policy for the period 2014-2020 and its implementation in Bulgaria” was discussed.

The consultation took part within the open meeting of two of the ESC’s standing commissions – the Commission for Regional Policy, Environment and Sustainability and the Commission for Budget, Finances, Insurance and Social Security. Among the participants were Dobrinka Krasteva - director of the “Programming of EU Funds” Directorate in the administration of the Council of Ministers, representatives of the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria, Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Education and Science and also representatives of Local Action Groups (LAGs).

The Community-led Local Development approach is included in the Partnership Agreement between Bulgaria and the European Union 2014-2020 as part of the integrated territorial development of our country and the ESC recognizes its importance for the development of specific regions.

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On 13th October, a round table on the problems of social economy, social entrepreneurship and youth employment was organised by the Economic and Social Council (ESC) in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) and the Burgas Municipality in the city of Burgas.

The event gathered together more than 80 people - representatives of the municipal and state administration, social enterprises in the region, students, teachers, students and representatives of the structures of trade unions and employers' organisations from the area and the media. The forum is part of a series of regional round tables, which the ESC organises in order to focus public attention on the current problems of young people.

On the side of the hosts, welcoming speeches were made by the Governor of District Burgas Pavel Marinov and the Deputy Mayor of Burgas Municipality Dr. Loris Manuelyan. On behalf of the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Rumiana Georgieva greetings were brought by Mrs. Elka Dimitrova, Director of “Market Policy and Labor Mobility” Department to the MLSP.

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Икономическият и социален съвет на България (ИСС) в партньорство с Министерството на труда и социалната политика (МТСП) и Община Бургас организира регионална кръгла маса на тема: “Социалната икономика и социалното предприемачество в България. Възможности за заетост и предизвикателствата пред младите хора.”, която ще се проведе на 13-ти октомври 2014 г./понеделник/ от 9.30 ч. в зала „Георги Баев” на Културен център „Морско казино“, гр. Бургас.

ИСС фокусира общественото внимание върху ползите, проблемите и предизвикателствата пред развитието на социалната икономика и социалното предприемачество в България, като прие редица актове по темата. Социалните предприятия са феномен, който набира скорост в България и се подкрепя чрез фондовете на Европейския съюз през програмния период 2014-2020 г.

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is the “bridge” between citizens and the national government. Its mission is to support such “bridging” so as to facilitate the communication between the society and the national government. It is the new and modern institution of the civil dialogue.

The ESC's mission is to promote civil society organisations access to and involvement in the process of decision-making on strategic economic and social issues.

The main goal of ESC's operation is to enable different representatives of organised civil society to feel free to state their views whereas unanimity on matters of common interest is encouraged. The Council expresses and protects civil society interests by communicating agreed statements and proposals submitted by its members to the executive and legislative authorities.

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