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In the context of published for public comment a draft "Strategy for Development of Higher Education in the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2014-2020 Economic and Social Council (ESC) has developed an own-initiative opinion on the subject, which was adopted on 02.28.2014. The Economic and Social Council calls for achieving a public consensus on the future of Bulgarian higher education (HE) and science.

The document states that Bulgaria is seriously lagging behind in development of the higher education compared to the European level and calls for serious actions to build a modern and efficient system of education and training.

The ESC raises a number of questions about the ways of development of higher education in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Council proposes several key policies and measures that through finding appropriate place in the Strategy for Development of Higher Education should be implemented by the government on the one hand and by the higher education on the other.

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is the “bridge” between citizens and the national government. Its mission is to support such “bridging” so as to facilitate the communication between the society and the national government. It is the new and modern institution of the civil dialogue.

The ESC's mission is to promote civil society organisations access to and involvement in the process of decision-making on strategic economic and social issues.

The main goal of ESC's operation is to enable different representatives of organised civil society to feel free to state their views whereas unanimity on matters of common interest is encouraged. The Council expresses and protects civil society interests by communicating agreed statements and proposals submitted by its members to the executive and legislative authorities.

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