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Home 9 Category: Structure


Standing commissions are set up to the Economic and Social Council. The members of the standing commissions are members of the Council. The plenary session, on a proposal from the groups as represented at the Council, elects the chairmen and the members of the standing commissions. The term of office of the standing commissions is by the end of the term of office of the...


The Presidents Board is composed of the President and three Vice Presidents. Each Vice President is a representative of one of the three groups. This governing body of ESC discusses and submits with the plenary session resolutions on current issues of the economic and social policy of the civil society, the drafts of the ESC’s Rules of Procedure, the annual plan for work, the...


The Economic and Social Council is a unique type of institution in terms of its membership structure. It is characterised by real representation of the three main groups of civil society organisations - employers' group, employees' group and various interests' group. The Council is the unique national body that brings them together at a common forum. These three groups of...

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